FORMAK Field Kit

The FORMAK Field Kit provides a package of standard equipment and instructions for monitoring forest condition. The contents of the full kit are shown below.
Full Kit

Purchasing the kit

We provide a variety of options from obtaining the full kit, to purchasing just the bits you need. This way you can suit your current needs and your budget. Various standard options for purchasing the kit or parts of it are set out below. If you would just like to purchase some part of kit, let us know your requirements and we will see if we can help.

The Full Kit

If you want to get yourself set up straight away, you can purchase the full kit, that provides all the equipment you need for measuring all four modules.

Cost: $170 GST inclusive (freight extra)

Individual Modules

Getting Started: FORMAK Site Assessment

If you want to initially just get started with undertaking FORMAK site assessments, you can purchase the Site Assessment Module. This provides you with the FORMAK Monitoring Manual and the FORMAK Visual Guide.
FORMAK Site Asessment

Cost: $37.50 GST inclusive (freight extra)

FORMAK Bird Count

This requires no extra equipment and can be undertaken by downloading the monitoring manual or by referring to the manual obtained with the site assessment module.

FORMAK Pest Animal Transect

Once you have the site assessment module, if you want to assess pests using the FORMAK Pest Animal Transect you will need to obtain the pest animal module. Alternatively, you can download the manual for free, and source the equipment and materials yourself.

Cost: $35 GST inclusive (freight extra)

FORMAK Vegetation plot:

To measure FORMAK vegetation plots, you will need to obtain the equipment for the Vegetation Module.

Cost: $97.50 GST inclusive (freight extra)

To order the Kit, contact us. If you can supply some of this equipment yourself and wish to just purchase particular items, please contact us with your request and we will give you a price.