FORMAK Training

FORMAK training is provided to organisations and groups of users in different regions. Courses are run on request, once sufficient numbers are registered in a particular area.

Training is structured into two 1 day sessions. These can be run together or separately depending on particular needs.

FORMAK Training Level 1

This course provides an overview of FORMAK. It then focuses on the Site Assessment Module. Participants are trained in Site Assessment fieldwork and data entry / reporting. On completion of the training workshop, you will be able to use the Site Assessment Module. You will also gain a general knowledge of the other modules of FORMAK.

FORMAK Training Level 2

This course provides training in planning, fieldwork and data entry / reporting for the Vegetation Plot, Bird Count, and Pest Animal modules of FORMAK.  After completing this training workshop you will be able to use these FORMAK modules on your own. Completion of FORMAK level 1 is usually a pre-requisite for this course.

To register your interest in a training course in your area please email us at training@formak.co.nz and provide your contact details.